Update on the latest news in the Netherlands around the COVID-19 situation from your Delta Amsterdam team

On Wednesday, 6th of May 2020, the Dutch government came out with an update on the restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Dutch Government will be carefully monitoring and considering any potential easing or mitigation of the safety measures in the following weeks. The next update from the Dutch government is expected to be announced towards the end of May.

Currently most important updates:
· All non-essential travel of persons from third countries (to EU member states, all Schengen member states, UK) remains restricted until 15th of May 2020.
· The country remains in an ‘intelligent lockdown’ (it is advisable to go outside only when needed, whether for groceries, or ‘to catch fresh air’).
· Day care & primary schools and outdoor sport clubs have re-open on 11th of May 2020.
· Gatherings, closed events and corporate meetings are possible with observing social distancing. Starting June 01 a maximum of 30 guests and as of July 01 a maximum of 100 guests.
· Museums and leisure parks can reopen if they ensure the social distancing.
· Theatres, Bars, beach clubs, and restaurants remain closed until 1st of June 2020. After this date they are allowed a maximum of 30 guests as long as the social distancing remains in place. As of July 01 they can increase to maximum 100 visitors observing social distancing.

“Let us take care of each other’’

The Netherlands have always had a wonderful group of people who volunteer to assist and support groups who need assistance and help, also at this very difficult time with COVID-19.

Many private and business initiatives were launched over these weeks to give extra support as part of various campaigns for the groups that are struggling. Dutch people can volunteer for all kind of assistance and support e.g.: transport, cooking meals, groceries assistance, homework guidance for children, activity counselling and informal care support.

The Netherlands and its 17 million population is as strong and united as ever. To celebrate this, enjoy the beautiful video ‘’For each other and everybody’’ as a homage to our social solidarity.

Meanwhile, our team works hard to reach out to our partners/suppliers to adapt all services accordingly to the future ahead of us. This means we are working on offering most of our services in the way you are used from us, but strictly compliant with the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Stay safe and well, hopefully we are able to (e-) meet you soon, we are always at your service to assist with a wonderful stay in The Netherlands!

With warmest regards,
Your Delta Amsterdam team