Update on the latest news in the Netherlands around the COVID-19 situation from your Delta Amsterdam team

On Tuesday 20th of May 2020, the Dutch government came out with a further update on the easing of restrictions linked to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Dutch government decided towards gradual re-opening of the Netherlands. A lot of hotels have already re-opened and can serve dinners for the hotel guests. Our team prepared an interactive overview for you with the latest news and updates from the Netherlands as we are starting to slowly reopen.

Our main re-opening dates are June 01, June 15 and July 01, below please find an overview with what remains dynamic as it can be adapted in accordance with government regulations. The Netherlands has never had a full lock-down, it was called an intelligent lock-down. This meant that most people worked from home, restaurants, bars and museums were closed, but we were able to go out freely whenever needed.
This will now start to change, so that you & we can re-discover our beautiful country.

As of June 01, 2020 noon:

  • hotels and venues can host meetings up to 30 people, keeping 1,5 meters distance
  • restaurants can serve up to a maximum of 30 persons, keeping 1,5 meters distance unless guests are from the same household, in which case they can share closer.
  • all restaurants, museums and other require pre-bookings with exact time slots
  • bars can open and seat a maximum of 30 people on terraces only – reservations have to be made
  • museums have opened & are still opening in the next week always ensuring Covid-19 proof measures as enforced by our government.
  • due to the social distancing requirements we need to incorporate whisper sets with touring. We will include this with every sightseeing tour that involves walking or museums so that the 1,5 meter distance remains in place.
  • we can seat up to 24 guests in a 50-seater coach or 29 guests in a 60-seater coach, our coaches will be cleaned and offer hand sanitizer.
  • our private cars/minivans have see through screens and can seat: 1 person in a car/2 if the same household – minivan a maximum of 4 persons in an 8 seater van.
  • all public transportation requires face masks.
  • we highly recommend giving face masks & hand sanitizers throughout their stay. We can arrange this for you in The Netherlands as an arrival gift or you can arrange this in your country – for example: typical re-usable (up to 20 times) Dutch G-star RAW fashionable face mask.

As of June 15, 2020:

  • currently it looks like this is the date the EU will reopen for outside EU-visitors

As of July 01, 2020:

  • all gatherings can increase from 30 to 100 persons. So this is applicable for restaurants, meetings, activities etc.

As of September 01, 2020:

  • as of this date we will be ready to receive and host larger conventions in the Netherlands.

Further we have the following general requirements in The Netherlands:

  • keep 1,5 distance from everyone
  • wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds minimum
  • sneeze and couch in the inside of your elbow
  • use paper tissues & throw this in a safe container immediately after use
  • do not shake hands
  • stay home in case of general cold symptoms

With all these measures we hope to welcome you and your guests back to the Netherlands in the hopefully near future. Please let us know if you have any questions based on the above.

Our team is ready to receive you and your guests and design a tailor made itinerary fitting the Covid-19 requirements in the Netherlands, but are also open to adjustments that you would require.

We have ensured a COVID-19 protocol to follow based on the Dutch requirements. In the meantime our staff has followed an online course given by the World Health Organization (WHO) certifying the eligibility to host Mass Events/Gatherings.

“Let us take care of each other’’

The Netherlands have always had a wonderful group of people who volunteer to assist and support groups who need assistance and help, also at this very difficult time with COVID-19.

Many private and business initiatives were launched over these weeks to give extra support as part of various campaigns for the groups that are struggling. Dutch people can volunteer for all kind of assistance and support e.g.: transport, cooking meals, groceries assistance, homework guidance for children, activity counselling and informal care support.

The Netherlands and its 17 million population is as strong and united as ever. To celebrate this, enjoy the beautiful video ‘’For each other and everybody’’ as a homage to our social solidarity.

Meanwhile, our team has been working hard to reach out to our partners/suppliers to adapt all services accordingly to the future ahead of us. This means we are working on offering most of our services in the way you are used from us, but strictly compliant with the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Stay safe and well, hopefully we are able to (e-) meet you soon, we are always at your service to assist with a wonderful stay in The Netherlands!

With warmest regards,
Your Delta Amsterdam team