Why Holland

The Netherlands or also widely known as Holland is an extraordinary, fun-filled, culturally rich and a welcoming cosmopolitan country. While many recognise it for its windmills, tulips and cheese – the Netherlands has so much more to fascinate its visitors with.  

Discover in Holland how we ‘rise above the water’ in our centuries-long battle, how we conquer the ice, how we consume 32 million kilo’s of cheese annually (and are proud of it!), learn how we cycle our way through the wind into our daily tasks, but also how we welcome the visitors, embrace our cosmopolitan society and how we gift the world some of the most talented artists.

Thanks to the excellent transport connections, both local and international, and the continuous expansion of infrastructure and opening of new venues and hotels, The Netherlands is the perfect destination for the organization of meetings, conferences, product launches and events of all kinds.

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